How do we make
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From Military Service

The military is a melting pot of amazing people doing amazing things performance and the Australian Army is no exception. It's the epitome of the 'no excuses, get it done on time' environment and the men and women who serve are put to the test. This is the environment where Matt and Pete learned their trade. Leading high performance teams in the most complex and risky global situations, they learned how to become serious problem solvers.

The military mindset model was forged under operational pressure. Whether it be running complex logistics teams under war-like conditions of Afghanistan, or supporting peace-keeping operations in East Timor, Matt and Pete were exposed to environments outside of the normal. What they discovered, was the military doesn't need to be mysterious. It can be broken down into five x P's = Purpose, Planning ,Platforms, Process and People.


To Entrepreneurs


It was an unquenchable desire to go into business that led Matt and Pete to transition out of the Army together. Their first start up, grew from 3 to 30 staff and went multi-million dollar revenue within 12 short months. From there, the application of Military Mindset for Business has led to several other successful businesses being started including 'Trust the Process' (TTP). This business was all about taking these military skills and sharing them with other business owners to help them Systemise, Automate and Delegate. They are powerful advocates of the use of empowering both technology and people within organisations.

As entrepreneurs, they have been recognised on the national level by the Australian Prime Minister in the Veteran Employment Awards and in 2022 were named on the Australian Financial Review's Top 100 Fastest Starters list. Committed to giving back to the community, they are the founders of the Veteran Community Business Chamber whose aim is to unleash the veteran community through entrepreneurship. Supporting pathways from the military into small business and innovation.

To Trust The Process

Trust The Process is who business owners and entrepreneurs turn to for outsourcing and digital transformation when they want to partner with someone who understands what makes them tick while making the complex aspects simple and effective.

We exist to help business leaders get out of the weeds and solve the talent and digital challenges the modern business world throws at them.

We have supported over 1,000 businesses since 2019 through our simple and effective formula of systemising, automating and delegating. Build a process, automate it through tech platforms and delegate to people what the technology can’t do.

Having built our own businesses using a combination of Outsourcing and Technology, it’s time we help you do the same. All you have to do is… Trust The Process.


Our Core Values


Be brilliant at the basics

We take pride in the quality of our global recruitment service, our digitization process and the consistency of our results.

From taking the first steps and hiring your outsourcing team, to maintaining relationships and providing ongoing support through technology, committed to supporting you reach that next stage.

We give you consistency and visibility. We reassure you. We hold your hand every step of the way. We help you trust the process.


One team in many places

Connecting people is our passion and Trust The Process is built on the core belief that great people empower great businesses.

We are passionate about building relationships between busy business owners and our Internationally talented team who can take care of daily tasks and IT headaches, allowing more time to focus on high-revenue-generating projects.

You deserve a team that is just as dedicated as you are – and we know how to find and connect them with you, no matter where they are in the world.


Work smart, not hard

By Trusting the process we promise to you and to ourselves that everything we do is to make your business more efficient. By systemizing, automating and delegating your business and also by implementing the same processes as ours, we make sure we work less but smarter while keeping the same passion.


We practice what we preach

As your partner for growth, we work hard to help you trust the process – and thepeople who complete it. As part of this, we carefully qualify and vet every area so you can rest assured knowing that your business is in reliable, experienced and expert hands.


Speak up - your voice matters

Both internally and externally and with the best CRM technology and outsourcing talent, we adapt ourselves to how you want to build your business not the other way around.

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